Tehran Game Convention 2018

Your business bridge into Iran and MENA region


  • Iran has everything it takes to grow a healthy game industry: Creative talents, resourceful entrepreneurs, a rich culture to draw inspiration from and government support. That's why I see Iran becoming a major regional actor in game development. I am proud to have been a pioneer in discovering Iran's potential during my historic trip in 2015.

    Game designer & Creative director

    Pascal Luban

  • I am interested in contents created in the middle-eastern countries especially Iran to publish in the Japanese market. I think TGC will provide a very good opportunity for doing so

    CEO at Worker bee inc

    Yuji Kato

  • Since Iran has the largest Internet user and gamers pool among the countries in MENA region, I think it’s not too problematic to say that the biggest chances lie in Iran.

    Business Development Manager at Smilegate Entertainment

    Alex Lee

  • With the Tehran Game Convention in Spring 2017, the vibrant Iranian Game Developer Community is getting a well deserved platform to show their talent. Not only is Iran the biggest single market for Games in the MENA region, but also has a great pool of talented developers and entrepreneurs, which is extremely interesting for international publishers on the lookout for the next big thing, games or business opportunities.

    Owner at Flying Fishkopp Production

    Michael Hengst

  • Iran's mobile market, as a fresh and active market, is filled with opportunities. There are businesses in Iran being formed on a daily basis which makes Iran an attractive market. Also, Iranian mobile users go along with the newest technology trends easily and adapt themselves and their lives to benefit from all the possible technology trends.

    International Business Developer, Cafe Bazaar

    Niloofar Amini

  • I have seen the start of gaming, mobile and electronic commerce in 2010 and Iran has gone a long way. The market opportunities in digital overshadow the regions fellow top markets already in this phase – it attracts a lot of international gaming companies, lots of capital and local companies gear up to defend market share. nternational companies can win this market only with proper assistance to understand how to behave successfully in the environment and local companies need to do their learnings. My suggestion is to foster partnership mentality to be at ist best.

    Founder Monetizur Ltd

    Alex tho Seeth

  • Now with the chinese government policy of “the belt and road” and iran government considers culture and tourism as the primary development directions, we have a common acknowledge that rebuild the silk road should be started from the children. Cultural cooperations between China and iran in game and animation market will sure be welcomed and receive favour from people from two countries and the concern of the world.

    Business Developer - China National Center for developing Animation, Cartoon and Game Industry

    Lu Lauren

  • We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of users in the Iranian gaming industry. The user in terms of ARPDAU and ARPPU matches that of select Tier 1 countries. With visionary companies and talented individuals, Iranian gaming industry is an untapped market with a huge potential to pay immediate dividends. We are glad we are part of this market and only wish we would have joined in sooner.

    Head of Products at Mindstorm Studios

    Qasim Meher Assad

  • As a scientist, former producer in the games industry and advisor for German movie and television age rating boards I am fascinated by both the diversity and quality of the Iranian games industry as well as the tremendous tasks the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation takes to play an important role within the global gaming industry. I have recently researched the Iranian games age rating system ESRA and found this approach highly interesting and a bold step forward for the Islamic world.

    YMCA University professor & advisor for German movie and television age rating boards

    Stefan Piasecki